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Dental Tourism for Veneers

Dental Tourism for Veneers

Dental Tourism for Veneers : If you are thinking about smile design and need detailed information about how to do it, this article is for you. Smile design costs in Turkey are much cheaper than in Europe. For this reason, Turkey is highly preferred in dental treatments and smile design.

You can find information about the veeners used in smile design.

Laminated veener application has been attracting great attention recently. In this process, which is done by thinning the teeth only millimetrically without cutting, the healthy tooth tissue is preserved. Leaf-shaped porcelains are adhered to the surface of the teeth, which have been thinned by approximately 0.3 – 0.7 mm. ‘Lamina’ means ‘leaf’ in Latin.

There are 2 types of laminated teeth: Composite Laminate and Porcelain Laminate. Composite laminate is very effective for protecting the color, section and outer surface of the tooth. Composite laminated teeth can be made in a single session. Even when you go to the dentist for a laminated tooth, if your tooth structure is suitable for this, your dentist can make this tooth on the same day.

Zirconium Crown : Zirconium is a material used as the infrastructure of classical porcelain bridge and prosthetic applications. This substance is known as a white colored alloy applied instead of gray metal. Zirconium tooth crown is a frequently preferred application in the field of dentistry.

One of the most important reasons why zirconium is preferred in dental veneer applications is that it produces very effective results in terms of aesthetics. Zirconium tooth coating can be applied to people with advanced discoloration who cannot achieve functional results with teeth whitening applications.

Emax  veneer treatment is one of the high-level veneer methods used in aesthetic dentistry today. While the zirconium components in the Emax crown provide an advanced level of durability resistant to pressures up to 360 – 1000 Mpa, the lithium disilicate inside increases the light transmittance and transparency of the material used, ensuring a natural aesthetic appearance.

How is the treatment process planned in Turkey?

First of all, we request an x-ray or intraoral photograph from you. You can reach us on our Whatsapp line. After our specialist examines it, we create your treatment date and plan it.
Dental Tourism for Veneers : If you request, we have contracted hotel and airport transfer service.
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AESTHETIC DENTAL TREATMENTS ; It is a natural desire for all of us to make the best impression on people we are in love with, whom we have just met or worked with, or to want to look more attractive. While many women or men today pay thousands of dollars for plastic surgeries or cosmetic treatments to look younger, what you are looking for may be as close as your dentist’s surgery.

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. If your teeth don’t look beautiful, it will be inevitable to leave a negative impression on people. Yellowed, crooked, broken or missing teeth will not only make you look older, but also look less attractive.

Currently, the most popular dental practice is tooth whitening. In this practice at the office or at home, your dentist will apply the solution that will intensely reveal the whiteness of the teeth and your teeth will start to whiten. When leaving your dentist, you can now safely smile and reveal your white teeth like pearls.

Another exciting aesthetic dentistry application is porcelain veneers. These leaf-shaped porcelains can hide stains, fractures, and perplexies, especially when they are skilled by dentists with aesthetic vision and are tailor-made and applied to your teeth. Usually, porcelain veneers are applied to the teeth that appear when patients laugh.

If one of your teeth is missing, implants are the most effective solution that is becoming increasingly affordable. Implants are placed in the jaw bone by surgical intervention and porcelain crowns are made on it. Implants are strong, functional as natural teeth and, if taken good care, are used for years.

Regardless of the situation, developments in aesthetic dentistry will have positive effects on your daily life, appearance and career. The trick to making a nice impression is your confidence and smile on your look and it is the right place to start.


You can ask everything you wonder about aesthetic dentistry through “WhatsApp”.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening;

Whitening your teeth by a professional can significantly change your smile.
The most popular of all aesthetic and cosmetic treatments offered by dentists . The reason for this is that it is relatively inexpensive compared to other dental aesthetic treatments, and it can be applied quickly to obtain direct results. However,  can cause enormous changes in the person’s image and self-confidence.

You can find  products both in pharmacies and on the internet and at the dentist’s office, but seeing a dentist is the fastest and most effective way to whiten your teeth; because the contents of the materials used by the dentist are more effective and intense.

Professional process can be applied both in your dentist’s office (as office type ) and in your home (as home ) under the supervision of your dentist.

How is ?

How it Works: Product is applied directly to the teeth. This product contains between 15% and 35% hydrogen peroxide. Light or heat can be used to speed up whitening, but not always.
Advantages: Fast results are obtained. A magnificent whitening can be achieved with the first session lasting 1 – 1.5 hours. Most people only need a second session, but some may need to come to a few sessions, depending on the color they want. Since it is applied directly to the tooth, the whitening you have at your dentist becomes faster and more effective.
Disadvantages: No matter how much your gums are protected during the procedure, some patients may have complaints due to tooth sensitivity and gum discomfort. All of these are temporary.
Cost: Price varies depending on factors such as gel applied by dentist, total number of procedures.

 Process at Home
How it works: Your dentist takes a mold of your teeth and makes it special for you to apply the teeth whitening process. It gives you a teeth whitening gel with a lower percentage of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. When you’re at home, you fill this gel inside the mold and put it on for a few hours every day or night. Thanks to this mold, your teeth are treated with tooth whitening gel.

Advantages: Easy and cheap. Your dentist is following this process.
Disadvantages: Slower results are obtained. The mold needs to be worn for at least 1 or 2 weeks for the teeth whitening to become visible. It may take weeks depending on the stains on the person’s teeth.
Cost:  The prices of home type teeth whitening gels are still lower than the prices of office type teeth whitening gels. Total teeth whitening prices vary according to the gel chosen by your dentist, the mold prepared and the number of sessions allocated.


Dental Tourism in Turkey Cost Guide – Price & Review

Dental Tourism in Turkey Cost Guide

The first impression is extremely important when it comes to social interaction, and it all starts off with a nice smile. How do you feel about your smile? Are you confident about how it looks? If the answer is no, then getting dental work may provide just the exact solution to your problem!

Dental Tourism in Turkey Cost Guide ; Embarrassed of your missing teeth? Dental problems have been causing you pain ever since? High dental costs deterring you from undergoing the required treatment?

If so, then getting dental treatment in Turkey is the key to solving all of your problems.

Turkey is not called “The Land of Smile” for no reason. The country is well-known for its hospitality and friendliness towards tourists. In addition, the dental industry of Turkey has been booming lately. Every year, nearly 1.5 million overseas patients visit Turkey to avail of high-quality, yet affordable healthcare.

Why Turkey?

High-quality medical services

One important reason for the development of dental tourism in Turkey is quality. Dental treatment in Turkey is on par with that in other developed countries. Most Thai dental hospitals and clinics are equipped with advanced technology and equipment.

In addition, dentists in Turkey are famous for their skills worldwide. Many are affiliated with a number of national and international dental associations, such as the Dental Association of Turkey. At Turkei hospitals, patients can choose to perform a wide range of sophisticated dental treatments. These include dental implants, crowns, and bridges, dental veneers, oral surgery, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, etc.

Affordable costs

When you compare dental treatment in Turkey with that in Western countries, the cost difference can amount up to more than 50%. This is truly wonderful news for those on a budget.

As stated above, dental clinics and hospitals in Turkey offer various treatments. Below are the average prices (Euro) of the most common dental procedures in Turkey:


A great vacation opportunity

Foreign patients will be happy to know that the staff at dental clinics in Turkey can communicate in English very fluently. Furthermore, in a bid to improve medical tourists’ experience, many Turkei hospitals have tied up with high-quality hotels and inns in the vicinity.

Reaching Turkey is easy because it is extremely well connected. The Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) in Bangkok receives more than 40 million footfalls every year. It has non-stop flights from all the major cities in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

Besides, during your dental trip to Turkey, you can always enjoy the beautiful and diverse sceneries in this heart of Asia. The Land of Smile is an extremely famous tourist attraction, with immensely flavorful cuisine and a wide variety of pastime activities. Turkey definitely guarantees you a wonderful stay.

Planning & Staying Tips

Just like other types of medical treatment, dental procedures are capable of making a great impact on your life quality. Hence, it requires much consideration. It is a big investment, which you will not want to go to waste.

As you are traveling to a country abroad, it’s best if you do extensive research before getting started.

Here are some tips you may find helpful while planning your dental trip to Turkey.

  1. Look for information first

It is advisable that you research online or (if possible) visit the hospital beforehand. Look for reviews about dental centers recommended by expatriates living in that country. Many hospitals provide background details on their dentists, including their qualifications and training experience.

  1. Contact the medical staffs

Once you have chosen your hospital, do not hesitate to contact them. Ask for a full treatment plan, as well as about the time frame and total costs. Language should not be a concern, as English is widely used in hospitals and clinics.

  1. Prepare for your trip

Take your time. Don’t book an inflexible airfare or limited annual leave, as you may need to stay longer than expected. On the other hand, spare some money in case you need to return for more work. You may lose the savings you made initially.

Turkey is a wonderful place to spend your holiday, and you may end up having one of the best times of your life here. Though the price here is much cheaper compared to other destinations in Asia, it is best that you watch what you spend if you do not want to burn a hole in your pocket after the trip.

How can I book a dental trip to Turkey?

Turkey is a wonderful destination if you are thinking of getting dental treatment abroad. The country offers a wide range of dental procedures. Not only are Thai hospitals equipped with modern technologies and highly qualified doctors, but the price is also very reasonable if you want to cut down some cash.