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Cheap Implant Treatment

Cheap Implant Treatment

Cheap Implant Treatment; Dental implants are the system we apply to our patients to regain their function, aesthetics and health in case of tooth deficiencies. Implants are solid, reliable, hygienic and tissue-like titanium screws that we place in the bone and resemble tooth roots.

Is Inexpensive Implant Treatment Safe?
The titanium material used in implant production is a metal structure that does not react with the tissue and has a very high biocompatibility. Titanium has been used in dentistry for about 50 years. The success rates of the treatments performed in a well-sterilized environment with a good planning and an experienced team are very high if they are subject to good care by the patients.

Which patients are not implanted?
The decision is made by evaluating patients with any systemic disease as a result of the consultation information they receive from their doctor.

In which cases is implant done?
It is a treatment method that can be applied to all our patients, including single teeth and all toothlessness. With a successful treatment, our patients can be used for life. In addition to fully fixed prostheses, removable prostheses can also be made for all patients with tooth deficiency. Implants may not be possible in every person; It may not be applied in some patients due to its bone length, thickness and proximity to some tissues. If patients without posterior teeth want a fixed prosthesis, this can only be possible with an implant.

How is the implant applied?
First of all, it should be examined well, panoramic film as well as dental tomography can be taken. After a planning is made, the operation begins. The operation is performed under local anesthesia. Each implant takes about 10-20 minutes. During the operation, implants are placed in the bone and stitches are made. Bone grafting or sinus surgery may be required during this operation. After insertion, a waiting period of 2 months to 6 months (to fuse with the bone) is required. In some cases, upper prostheses can be installed immediately after the operation.

From London To Come To Turkey Implant Treatment

London to come to Turkey ; London’s Dental implants because it is too high compared to the cost of the UK and from other countries to Turkey, comes from a very patient with dental treatment and vacation planning.The first reason is that even if the cost of the enhanced status in Turkey according to many world countries on oral and dental health and the lack of specialist physicians in the field is preferable.

With the Implant Dental Treatment Appointment Facility from Birmingham, you can get your jaw x-ray to us by WhatsApp, E-mail or mail, and get treatment planning and cost information. You can contact us on WhatsApp for immediate information. Whatapp

No more dentures!
Full Jaw Restoration with Dental Implants and Bridges
Cheap Dental Treatment in Turkey

Since it is very suitable for our country’s citizens living abroad and abroad, it finds an opportunity to make a holiday and health trip together. You can also contact us on our WhatsApp number to get information according to your needs and get a price.

Dental Implant Treatment Process

A dental implant is a titanium screw that replaces a tooth root. It is screwed into the bone under the gum. After the implant integrates with the patient’s bone, the abutment is screwed onto the implant and the crown is screwed onto the abutment. In addition to crowns, implants can also be used to support fixed bridges, fixed dentures, or removable dentures (known as excess dentures).

Dental implants involve the following steps, although differences may occur depending on complexity.

1. Advice and information with the implant coordinator

Discuss your needs over the phone with an implant coordinator for advice and information about dental implant treatments and costs. Otherwise, meet face to face; See our facilities and discuss and get treatment options. After this invaluable introduction to dental implants, patients have a better idea of possible solutions and costs. This is only general guidance and does not replace the need for a clinical assessment.

Similar cost comparison

If you have an implant consultation and have provided a treatment plan, email us a copy and we will provide a ‘cost comparison for tastes’.

2. Dental Implant Clinical Evaluation

Oral health is evaluated in the dental implant clinical evaluation with the implant dentist. If the patient is a good candidate for implants, a dental cone beam CT (CBCT) scan is performed to assess the quality and amount of bone.

Following the consultation, a short meeting with an implant coordinator will set out the treatment costs and the appropriate times to book on your first appointment / appointments.

A cover letter from the implant dentist follows an official detailed treatment plan that includes your treatment options and costs, scheduling, warranty, risks, and post-care information.

3. Surgical Stage Dental Implant Placement

Using 3D dental bone-ray CT (CBCT) Scan images to guide the placement and determine the type of implant to be used, a titanium implant is carefully screwed into the bone under the gum and stitched using soluble sutures. Sometimes a healing cap is placed immediately, which reduces the need to do this during the restoration phase.

If deemed necessary, this stage can be continued with the removal of failed teeth and / or bone restoration where there is no bone.

4. Dental Implant Integration

Integration is the time required to safely and securely restore crowns, bridges or dentures to dental implants.

During this time, the dental implant integrates with the patient’s bone – this is called “osseointegration” and may take 1 to 3 months depending on the patient’s treatment plan.

5. Restoration

Restoration is the stage where the crown, bridge or prosthesis is created and placed on the dental implants.

This stage takes 2 to 6 appointments (depending on complexity), about two weeks between them, and includes:

To reveal a dental implant and place a healing abutment. Sometimes, this procedure is done simultaneously with implant placement.
Matching final impressions and colors against adjacent teeth
Bite registration – ensuring that the occlusion (bite) is comfortable. Not required for all occasions.
Try it – try on the new crown, bridge, or denture – then send any settings back to the lab. Not required for all occasions.
Final fit – placing the abutment and crown, bridge or denture.

6. After maintenance

Your implant treatment plan does not end when crowns are placed.

To maintain oral health and prolong the life of your implants, it is imperative to follow an improved hygiene regimen.

This means an improved home hygiene regimen by following the prescribed techniques, visiting a hygiene therapist at least every 6 months at home and evaluating implants, gums and hygiene levels annually.

London Implant Dental Prices

To get the Implant Brand and Prices updated information, our consultant who will help you by communicating via WhatsApp will inform you.

London to come to Turkey

Appointment and Inspection Made Easy

To get an appointment or get detailed information, you can get information directly from WhatsApp and create your dental holiday planning.


Dental Tourism in Turkey Cost Guide – Price & Review

Dental Tourism in Turkey Cost Guide

The first impression is extremely important when it comes to social interaction, and it all starts off with a nice smile. How do you feel about your smile? Are you confident about how it looks? If the answer is no, then getting dental work may provide just the exact solution to your problem!

Dental Tourism in Turkey Cost Guide ; Embarrassed of your missing teeth? Dental problems have been causing you pain ever since? High dental costs deterring you from undergoing the required treatment?

If so, then getting dental treatment in Turkey is the key to solving all of your problems.

Turkey is not called “The Land of Smile” for no reason. The country is well-known for its hospitality and friendliness towards tourists. In addition, the dental industry of Turkey has been booming lately. Every year, nearly 1.5 million overseas patients visit Turkey to avail of high-quality, yet affordable healthcare.

Why Turkey?

High-quality medical services

One important reason for the development of dental tourism in Turkey is quality. Dental treatment in Turkey is on par with that in other developed countries. Most Thai dental hospitals and clinics are equipped with advanced technology and equipment.

In addition, dentists in Turkey are famous for their skills worldwide. Many are affiliated with a number of national and international dental associations, such as the Dental Association of Turkey. At Turkei hospitals, patients can choose to perform a wide range of sophisticated dental treatments. These include dental implants, crowns, and bridges, dental veneers, oral surgery, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, etc.

Affordable costs

When you compare dental treatment in Turkey with that in Western countries, the cost difference can amount up to more than 50%. This is truly wonderful news for those on a budget.

As stated above, dental clinics and hospitals in Turkey offer various treatments. Below are the average prices (Euro) of the most common dental procedures in Turkey:


A great vacation opportunity

Foreign patients will be happy to know that the staff at dental clinics in Turkey can communicate in English very fluently. Furthermore, in a bid to improve medical tourists’ experience, many Turkei hospitals have tied up with high-quality hotels and inns in the vicinity.

Reaching Turkey is easy because it is extremely well connected. The Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) in Bangkok receives more than 40 million footfalls every year. It has non-stop flights from all the major cities in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

Besides, during your dental trip to Turkey, you can always enjoy the beautiful and diverse sceneries in this heart of Asia. The Land of Smile is an extremely famous tourist attraction, with immensely flavorful cuisine and a wide variety of pastime activities. Turkey definitely guarantees you a wonderful stay.

Planning & Staying Tips

Just like other types of medical treatment, dental procedures are capable of making a great impact on your life quality. Hence, it requires much consideration. It is a big investment, which you will not want to go to waste.

As you are traveling to a country abroad, it’s best if you do extensive research before getting started.

Here are some tips you may find helpful while planning your dental trip to Turkey.

  1. Look for information first

It is advisable that you research online or (if possible) visit the hospital beforehand. Look for reviews about dental centers recommended by expatriates living in that country. Many hospitals provide background details on their dentists, including their qualifications and training experience.

  1. Contact the medical staffs

Once you have chosen your hospital, do not hesitate to contact them. Ask for a full treatment plan, as well as about the time frame and total costs. Language should not be a concern, as English is widely used in hospitals and clinics.

  1. Prepare for your trip

Take your time. Don’t book an inflexible airfare or limited annual leave, as you may need to stay longer than expected. On the other hand, spare some money in case you need to return for more work. You may lose the savings you made initially.

Turkey is a wonderful place to spend your holiday, and you may end up having one of the best times of your life here. Though the price here is much cheaper compared to other destinations in Asia, it is best that you watch what you spend if you do not want to burn a hole in your pocket after the trip.

How can I book a dental trip to Turkey?

Turkey is a wonderful destination if you are thinking of getting dental treatment abroad. The country offers a wide range of dental procedures. Not only are Thai hospitals equipped with modern technologies and highly qualified doctors, but the price is also very reasonable if you want to cut down some cash.