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Dental Tourism for Veneers

Dental Tourism for Veneers

Dental Tourism for Veneers : If you are thinking about smile design and need detailed information about how to do it, this article is for you. Smile design costs in Turkey are much cheaper than in Europe. For this reason, Turkey is highly preferred in dental treatments and smile design.

You can find information about the veeners used in smile design.

Laminated veener application has been attracting great attention recently. In this process, which is done by thinning the teeth only millimetrically without cutting, the healthy tooth tissue is preserved. Leaf-shaped porcelains are adhered to the surface of the teeth, which have been thinned by approximately 0.3 – 0.7 mm. ‘Lamina’ means ‘leaf’ in Latin.

There are 2 types of laminated teeth: Composite Laminate and Porcelain Laminate. Composite laminate is very effective for protecting the color, section and outer surface of the tooth. Composite laminated teeth can be made in a single session. Even when you go to the dentist for a laminated tooth, if your tooth structure is suitable for this, your dentist can make this tooth on the same day.

Zirconium Crown : Zirconium is a material used as the infrastructure of classical porcelain bridge and prosthetic applications. This substance is known as a white colored alloy applied instead of gray metal. Zirconium tooth crown is a frequently preferred application in the field of dentistry.

One of the most important reasons why zirconium is preferred in dental veneer applications is that it produces very effective results in terms of aesthetics. Zirconium tooth coating can be applied to people with advanced discoloration who cannot achieve functional results with teeth whitening applications.

Emax  veneer treatment is one of the high-level veneer methods used in aesthetic dentistry today. While the zirconium components in the Emax crown provide an advanced level of durability resistant to pressures up to 360 – 1000 Mpa, the lithium disilicate inside increases the light transmittance and transparency of the material used, ensuring a natural aesthetic appearance.

How is the treatment process planned in Turkey?

First of all, we request an x-ray or intraoral photograph from you. You can reach us on our Whatsapp line. After our specialist examines it, we create your treatment date and plan it.
Dental Tourism for Veneers : If you request, we have contracted hotel and airport transfer service.
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