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What is a Zygomatic Implant

What is a Zygomatic Implant?

What is a Zygomatic Implant? : The zygomatic bone is actually an implant system made into the bone we call the cheekbone. It is an implant method applied to patients who have very advanced bone resorption in the upper jaw, and even a small implant cannot be made. The zygomatic bone can be used for patients who have lost most of the maxillary bone structure. The zygomatic implant is a larger implant than conventional implants. Since there is a long distance in the upper jaw region of the zygomatic bone, 30 mm and 50 mm long zygomatic implants are placed in these areas.

What are the Advantages of Zygoma Implant Application?

Patients whose jawbones are not strong enough and therefore cannot have implants are provided with prosthetic teeth by taking support from their cheekbones.
Patients who have partially or completely lost their jawbone as a result of cancer and tumor can also be applied to the zygoma implant operation.

To Whom Is The Zygomatic Implant Applied?

Generally, it should be put on and taken off for many years, that is, in people who have used total prostheses.
Patients who lost their chin as a result of cancer and tumor.

How Are Zygomatic Implants Procedures Performed?

The patient is evaluated by examination and volumetric dental tomography is taken. The volume and structure of the jawbone are evaluated. The distance of the zygomatic bone to the upper jaw is measured. Accordingly, the appropriate implant is selected. Zygomatic implants are placed in the upper jaw with the operation, which takes about 2 hours under general anesthesia. After placement of the implant screws, a temporary dental prosthesis is attached and the implants are allowed to heal. At the end of about 3 months, permanent dental prostheses are placed on the implants.