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Zirconium Crown in 10 Questions

Zirconium Crown in 10 Questions

Zirconium Crown in 10 Questions : In 10 Questions, we answered your questions about Zirconium Crowns for you. If you are thinking of getting a Zirconium Crown, do not make a decision before reading this article.

1-Does zirconium teeth smell?

Zirconium teeth do not smell, but if food accumulates around the dentures as a result of poor oral hygiene, they may cause bad odor.

2-Do zirconium crowns change color?

Zirconium veneers have very well polished surfaces. They do not stain when regular oral and dental care is done. However, people with high consumption of cigarettes, tea and coffee, etc. may cause stains. These stains are not permanent and can be easily cleaned when you go to your dentist. You can use your zirconium crowns with the same aesthetic quality for many years.

3-Can zirconium crowns be applied to everyone?

They can be applied to all individuals whose chin face development is completed. Theoretically, it can be applied to individuals over the age of 16, but they can usually be applied after the age of 18-20. There is no upper age limit for zirconium coating.

4-Do zirconium coatings require special care?

Regular brushing and flossing is sufficient as with natural teeth.

5-How long will the treatment be completed?

With the advancing technology, these treatments can be completed in a very short time, but it can take between 2 days and 2 weeks depending on the intensity of your physician and technician.

6-How long is the life of zirconium crowns?

You can use your veneers for years as long as there are no abrasions, fractures or deformations in surrounding tissues (gingival recession, crowned tooth decay, etc.). The material used is designed to serve for many years. The use of 10 years and more can be easily provided for individuals who take care of oral hygiene.

7-Why should I choose zirconium crowns?

Compared to metal-supported crowns, better aesthetic results are obtained. Moreover, zirconium crowns are tissue-friendly materials. They adapt better to surrounding tissues and do not cause allergic reactions.

8-What are the disadvantages of zirconium crowns?

They cannot be used for long tooth deficiencies. The cost is a little more because they require more sensitive technologies.

9-Will I feel pain during treatment?

The session in which the teeth are abraded is performed under local anesthesia. You will not feel any pain during the procedure. After the procedure, there may be hot-cold sensitivity or slight tingling until your treatment is concluded. These sensitivity may vary depending on the pain threshold of the person.

10-What should I do if I want to change my prosthesis?

If you want to replace your old prostheses, your prostheses are cut and removed. If the teeth under the veneers are healthy, your new prosthesis can be measured immediately. However, if there is decay in the teeth, they should be treated.

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