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Zirconium Teeth Crown

Zirconium Teeth Crown

Zirconium Teeth Crown ; Dental coatings are procedures performed for aesthetic purposes in teeth with color problems that cannot respond to whitening processes, to protect, strengthen or correct their appearance, missing, cracked or broken teeth.

They are also called veneers because they settle on your teeth and cover all their outer surfaces.

It is a zirconium texture-friendly, high-strength, shatter-resistant and durable porcelain.

In related measurements and tests with zirconium, it has been found that its strength is in serious rates.

Since zirconium tooth coating light transmittance is higher than metals, there is no dark color on the gums.

There is no risk of black color reflection from the tooth edge, which may occur in metal coated porcelain teeth in the future.

At the same time, with the ability to transmit zirconium light, at the same time, the matte image that may occur on the teeth is lost, and it is seen to be more natural, healthy and transparent, with the teeth getting closer to the original color.

The compatibility of zirconium porcelain coatings with the gums is quite good. Therefore, the risk of dental disease with zirconium substrate is very low.

Is Zirconium Crown Painful?

In the zirconium tooth coating process, the teeth are slightly reduced. Then, it is measured and sent to the laboratory with sensitive measurement materials.

On the model in the laboratory, porcelain is applied after the zirconium infrastructure, which is suitable for the desired colors and sizes.

Finally, the coating that is adapted to the tooth is adapted to be permanent with special adhesives.

It is shaved and placed between 1-2 mm from natural tooth surfaces.

Zirconium coating process is long-lasting during regular checks.

When it is desired to replace it later, zirconium coatings are cut and do not give any uncomfortable feeling since they are removed.

It does not cause any tissue loss in the teeth.

How is the healing process of the zirconium process?

Zirconium Teeth Crown

During the zirconium tooth coating, no pain or pain is felt. The procedure is carried out under local anesthesia. Afterwards, with a temporary coating in the color of the teeth, hot and cold sensitivity is prevented.

In those without gum problems, zirconium treatment is completed in approximately 1 week.

The procedure takes a little longer because of the gum treatment should be done first in patients with gum problem.

Zirconium Teeth Prices?

To get price information about zirconium, a dentist examination is absolutely required.