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Zirconium Aesthetic Teeth

Zirconium Aesthetic Teeth ; Like eyes, teeth are a mirror of people. The flawlessness of your teeth makes your smile even more different. If you do not care for your teeth, your teeth will rot. Sometimes, no matter how much you care, you can not prevent your teeth from decaying again. Therefore, you need to get help from the dentist and stop by.

Considering its ability to meet the natural, aesthetic appearance and its robustness, zirconium has many advantages over metal supported porcelain. Zirconium Bridges, Crowns that stand out with their naturalness, light transmittance and color are frequently used in smile design and dental aesthetics. According to the patient’s size, digital data is created with a three-dimensional scanner.
What are the advantages of Zirconium?
  • One of its biggest advantages is its light transmittance and the aesthetics it provides.
  • It can work in the desired color according to the request of the person.
  • If desired, the color of the tooth to be covered can be masked completely.
  • It is applied in people with metal allergies.
  • It is biocompatible, it has no negative effects on the health of teeth and intraoral tissues
  • It has a smooth and shiny surface.
  • It can be worked thinner than metal supported systems. This reduces the amount of dental preparation to be made.
  • In cases where orthodontic treatment cannot be applied, discrete and crooked teeth can be given an aesthetic appearance.
  • It is the best alternative to metal supported porcelain in bridge restorations applied in teeth deficiency.

When are zirconium teeth preferred?

  • In cases where old coatings will be replaced and an aesthetic result is targeted
  • In teeth with enamel loss
  • In cases where there are hereditary tooth discolorations, structural enamel disorders
  • On teeth with large, fragmented and colored fillings
  • Orthodontic treatment cannot be planned or appropriate.
  • Bridge in the back group teeth, as a covering (Except for long toothless spaces)
  • Excessive substance loss, abrasive teeth
  • In implant prosthesis

The biggest feature of zirconium is a type of metal that is preferred in many areas because it has a corrosion-free structure. On the other hand, because it is white and light-transmitting, zirconium is used as an infrastructure material in dentistry under ceramic protections. In short, Zirconium Crown allows you to have solid teeth and aesthetic smiles.

For the above reasons, zirconium coatings can be preferred. However, information obtained over the internet without examination, without X-ray analysis can be misleading. There are many treatment methods such as zirconium coatings, Emax, Empress, Leaf porcelain, Bonding. Your doctor will give you the most accurate information about which of these treatments is appropriate.




With zirconium dental crown treatment, you can have perfect smiles.Thanks to the painless treatment with the zirconium crown method, you can have white smiles in 4 days.

💊Treatment: Zirconium Crown  ( Zirconium Aesthetic Teeth )
⏱Treatment Time: 4 days
😨Pain Level: Minimum
☑Conclusion: White Aesthetic Smiles
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Dental Treatment In Turkey

Dental Treatment in Turkey ;

Turkish and foreign nationals living abroad dental treatment prices in Turkey is an indispensable condition for patients. Turkey with missing teeth to produce high quality and quick solutions in the field of dental treatment, and either been the first choice of patients in need of dental treatment state.

Most Preferred Dental Treatment Services in Turkey
We Create Perfect Smiles

With the Aesthetic Dental Implant Center, our specialists and modern perspective on your dental health, your new teeth become like your main teeth.

1 Day Implants, Teeth Whitening, Orthodontic treatment, root canal therapy, Zirconium Coating, robotic implants, zirconium other of our services with your wishes planning considering yapıyoruz.türkiye in dental implants prices, especially Coating abroad because it is more convenient compared to other European countries We provide accommodation and transfer services for our future patients with our contracted companies.

Implant in 1 Day
If we have experienced tooth loss due to various reasons and this situation has started to make your daily life difficult (chewing, speaking, laughing, etc.), we recommend implant treatment in 1 day by making a preliminary evaluation of our patients.

The implant is a titanium artificial tooth root placed in the jaw bone. The fact that it increased the functionality to a high level, not disrupting the tooth structure in the mouth caused it to be considered as the first choice by doctors. People can continue their social life more easily by using implants. The image that the tooth has is not different from other teeth.

Smile Design
The smile design is the creation of a beautiful aesthetic that has multiple stages and these stages are considered as a whole. In the smile design, it is planned by considering factors such as lip structure that will adapt to facial aesthetics, arrangement in the teeth and gums, and whitening.

In smile design, we enable you to see the process and result of the transactions before starting the transactions. This process is called Mock-up application and it can be defined as the stage of seeing the result of the actions to be performed in the candidate’s mouth without touching the teeth, that is, the final smile, a preliminary design and a silhouette.

Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening helps to lighten the existing teeth and remove stains and discoloration. Teeth whitening is among the most popular cosmetic dental procedures. Whitening is not a one-time process. It may need to be repeated from time to time to maintain brighter and white color.

First of all, whiteness is perceived by our subconscious as a sign of youth and health.

Zirconium Teeth Coating
Zirconium tooth is made of zirconium metal, a crystal of colorless natural origin, and is more transparent than ceramic coating and looks more natural.

Zirconia crowns have become popular since the early 2000s.

It is wear-resistant, long-lasting, aesthetic, looks natural and does not cause allergies. Before applying such a coating to the tooth, it should be ensured that the root of the tooth is strong. Both live and implant can be mounted on a tooth.

All On Four Implant Technique
All On Four implant technique is a dental treatment technique that enables the fixation of the prosthesis on 4 implants applied to the jaw bone by examining the jaw structures of patients who have no teeth in the mouth. The implant is placed at the back of the jaws at an angle of 30 to 35 degrees, while the other 2 implants are placed in the front.

Emax Teeth Coating
Emax Teeth Coating is a durable teeth coating method made of lithium ceramics, which has started to be recognized with the choice of artists. You can now have the tooth coverings that you have seen in the movie actors or models. Emax Coating is applied to the front incisors.

With Emax Teeth Coating, your beauty and smile will be perfect.

Cheap Dental Treatment in Turkey
Since it is very suitable for the Turkish and foreign citizens living abroad, it finds an opportunity to make a holiday and health trip together. You can also contact us on our WhatsApp number to get information according to your needs and get a price.