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Zirconium and Ceramic Teeth

Zirconium and Ceramic Teeth

Zirconium and Ceramic Teeth
Aesthetic applications and smile designs are among the current topics of today’s society and dentistry. While patients wanted prosthetic teeth (crown), there were previously only high-opacity teeth with metal substructure. Today, there are more aesthetic zirconium and full ceramic (empress) teeth than these. If you want to get information about zirconium and full ceramic teeth in Konya, you can get free information about the applications from our physicians.

Cosmetic dentistry has become popular as people and everyone wants to have a better smile. If you do not like your teeth in this regard, one of the types of veneers that your dentists will recommend to you is zirconium veneers.

Zirconium and Ceramic Teeth : What is Zirconium Tooth?

Zirconia is a metal from the titanium family and is mined around the world. One of the most prominent properties of zirconia is its durability, which makes it ideal among dental veneers. It shows ideal strength even at the back of our mouth, where we chew and grind more food.

In our clinic, zirconium teeth (crowns) are produced untouched by a computerized cutting machine (CAD CAM) and the tooth is shaped in this way. When it takes its final form, it is adhered to the patient’s teeth as in other crowns. It is preferred because the appointment time is very short and it is aesthetic compared to traditional porcelain coatings.

Zirconium dental care is done by brushing and flossing three times a day, as in normal porcelain teeth. If you have your dentist checked your veneers at least every six months, it will go longer.

Zirconium and Ceramic Teeth : What is Ceramic Tooth?

With the development of technology, the needs of porcelain teeth for infrastructure have also decreased. Ceramic teeth are crystal glass ceramics that are formed under high pressure without metal substructure. All material consists of ceramic. This full ceramic appearance creates a structure most similar to natural teeth and provides light transmission. In terms of light transmission, it is more permeable than zirconium teeth and metal-based teeth.
Ceramic teeth can be made with a computerized cutting machine as in our clinic or with the help of a dental technician. Its stages are similar to normal veneers. To compare with zirconium, full ceramic teeth can be preferred if long bridges with high bite power and a smile resembling natural teeth that are more translucent than zirconium in the posterior regions are desired.