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What is Tooth Design--

What is Tooth Design?

What is Tooth Design? : Dental design encompasses a series of procedures performed to achieve a healthy smile. These procedures are non-aggressive and are aimed at preserving natural teeth. Basic applications such as dental veneers, reshaping and sizing are used.

Tooth design is both a very close look to the natural tooth and a good way to maintain oral and dental health. It is the product of a discipline called aesthetic dentistry or cosmetic dentistry, in which new technologies are applied in dentistry.

How Is Tooth Design Made?

Tooth design is carried out in line with the expectations and needs of the patient. Some of the procedures performed within the scope of tooth design are:

Porcelain laminates
Full ceramic coatings
Teeth whitening
Apart from porcelain veneer and bonding processes, applications such as teeth whitening, which focus only on the appearance of the tooth, can also be performed. For this reason, it is more often referred to as smile design. It is aimed to approach the golden ratio, which is ideal in smile design. In this design, along with the teeth, the facial features, skin color, age and expectations of the person are evaluated as a whole.

Leaf Porcelain Laminates
One of the best ways to achieve a beautiful smile is veneers known as laminate veneers, leaf porcelain or porcelain lamina. Desired results can be obtained as the patient’s smile can be shown through 3D technologies and models at the end of the process.

What is Tooth Design?

With leaf porcelains;

Amorphous teeth
Undesirable coloration of teeth
Crooked smiles
Tooth abrasions
Crown size differences
Dental cavities

Many aesthetic problems such as can be solved. The material used in leaf porcelain is “Glass Ceramic”. Light reflection and color effects can be seen very close to the tooth. This is why it is so popular. If necessary, the tooth can be wrapped all around with the same material. Aesthetically, the same result is obtained, but the treatment is called full ceramic coating. Generally, old and disharmonious coatings are now restored with metal-free and aesthetically successful glass ceramics.

This method, which is used for smile design, can be performed with minimal intervention on natural teeth.

Bonding and Smile Design
Bonding is performed by sticking colored composite material to the tooth. It is one of the most commonly preferred procedures among those who have a smile design. The reason for this is that when restoring the tooth, no intervention is made on the natural tooth, only the material is adhered to it. However, the probability of color change is higher than for ceramic laminates.

A more affordable restoration, bonding can be used to solve the following problems:

Irregular spaces between teeth
discoloration of teeth
tooth cracks
Bonding cannot be used for major changes in the shape of the teeth. Although it is a restorative procedure, it is also an aesthetic procedure.

Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening, also known as bleaching, is one of the most preferred techniques of cosmetic dentistry for a healthy smile. It is used to remove discoloration caused by many factors such as aging effects, traces caused by food and drink, smoking and drugs.