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Zirconium Brands

Dental treatments using zirconium brands and zirconium material are very diverse. Brands also play an important role now. These products used for zirconium crown are produced in different countries and have different qualities. Their colors and degrees of transparency differ. Therefore, the results obtained after the treatment may vary depending on the brand used.

Zirconium brands are also used in dentistry operations for aesthetic results. While durability is more prominent in some brands, aesthetics may come to the fore in some brands. In big brands that have proven their quality around the world, both an aesthetic appearance and healthy teeth can be obtained at the same time.

What are Zirconium Brands?

It is useful to get detailed information from your dentist about zirconium tooth brands. Because the amount of material or components used in these products manufactured by different manufacturers may differ. These content-related differences can be important enough to determine which brand to use during the zirconium crown process.

Which is the Best Zirconium Brand?

It is not correct to use terms such as “best” or “best quality” for zirconium brands. The classification of zirconiums is made according to the strength. According to this classification, 5 different crown types can be mentioned.Zirkonzahn

Grade glass ceramics: Feldspathic porcelain, low-fused porcelain, onlays and bonded crowns.
Class glass ceramics: Leucite glass ceramics. Vita Mark II (Straumann) is an example. They are usually single-unit.
Class glass ceramics: They are crowns containing lithium distillate. Emax is a good example of these.
Class zirconiums: These are zirconiums containing cubic.
Class zirconia: Also known as quadrangular zirconia. Brands such as BurxZir, Lava Plus are examples of this class.

As you can see, zirconias are categorized according to their strength. Depending on which part of the mouth the patient needs zirconium crown, one of these products is used. If you have been to a doctor working in aesthetic dentistry, specify that you want a quality zirconium coating in order not to share the same fate with many patients who are victimized by having Chinese-made zirconium tooth crown. German made zirconium crowns or known products such as Lava zirconium, Ivoclar zirconium are always more reliable.