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Dental Tourism Packages

Dental Tourism Packages

You can get information about the Dental Tourism Packages we have prepared specially for you by contacting us.Dental tourism is traveling outside of your home country to receive dental treatment and receiving treatment while traveling. While those who want to receive dental services travel for various reasons, these reasons; There may be financial advantages as well as meeting the need for health services and vacations together.

Oral and Dental Health Tourism is traveling to different countries or cities for treatment purposes only. During this journey, round-trip, experiences and activities during accommodation are included in the scope of health tourism. It is a part of health tourism that the individual who participates in health tourism is treated by professional dentists in order to treat a disease in his teeth and participates in different activities during the rest of the treatments. With the development of new treatment methods in the field of dentistry together with the developing technology in Turkey, reliability and reasonable treatment prices, most dental problems can be solved with health tourism in the country.

What treatments can you have?
The treatments that come to the fore in dental health tourism can generally be grouped under the title of Prostheses. The most important reason for this is that the costs of porcelain and dental implants are very high in developed countries. You can have your teeth done and have a holiday at a much lower cost than a treatment with equivalent quality and aesthetics in Europe. In this regard, it claims to offer you both high-quality and comfortable dental treatment and the opportunity to have a nice holiday with its natural and historical riches, more economically and faster.

Prostheses can be fixed or mobile. If conditions allow, fixed treatments are the types of prosthesis that should be preferred first. Porcelain is used in fixed prosthetic restorations. Porcelain can be divided into several classes in itself. Factors such as the existing mouth and jaw structure, the condition and number of support teeth, the condition of the surrounding dental tissues, the patient’s age, gender, socio-economic, socio-cultural level, and the patient’s aesthetic expectations are the most important factors that determine the type of porcelain to be made.

Metal-free full ceramic crowns, alumina processes, porcelain laminates, zirconia supported porcelains are the aesthetically prominent types.Dental Tourism Packages

Implant supported fixed and removable prostheses
Dental implants are in the most important and open category of dentistry today. A treatment planning where implant treatment is no longer recommended as an alternative is indispensable for a modern clinic.

Considering that fixed treatments are more easily adopted by the patient and used more comfortably, dental implants are the most important tools in providing this.
In case you are considering implant treatment, Your treatment may be one-stage or two-stage, depending on the circumstances. You will be able to have preliminary information about the cost of the treatment by examining your film of our institution. Our institution is committed to giving you the internationally recognized product passport of the dental implant to be used in your treatment.

In cases where the conditions are suitable, the treatment can be completed immediately after the implants are made, or it can be done in two stages. In this case, you can return to your country after your implants are made, and come back to your doctor after waiting 6-12 weeks and complete your treatment.