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Implant Brands and Prices

Implant Brands and Prices

Implant Brands and Prices ;
As you can imagine, the competition is high in the production of implants whose usage is increasing day by day. The number of known implant brands today is around 600. Again, these implant brands use nearly 100 different designs in their production. Although it is confusing that there are so many brands and different designs in the implant sector, which is growing day by day, they all serve the same purpose, and the differences from each other are in their designs and surface roughening technologies.

The surface of the implant should be made by etching and acidification with aluminum oxide. All companies, from the largest to the smallest, meet this standard.

The bone harmony of the surface coatings applied on it has a secondary effect on the healing period or its use based on long years.

This confusion in the brand prices of implants is mostly related to product safety, sterilization and brand awareness.

The issue that should not be forgotten is that in the 1960s, branemark surface unprocessed titanium placed titanium into rabbit bone and again integrated with the bone. The main achievement lies in the bilateral integration of titanium and bone.

After examining the jawbone of the patient, the dentist starts the operation by choosing the right implant. Implants are available in wide and narrow diameter, long or short.

Designs of implants may differ from each other. While some implants are more cylindrical, some may have a narrower neck. The attachment ways of superstructure parts mounted inside the implant may be different. After the implant is welded to the jawbone, the porcelain or zirconium tooth can be screwed or glued onto the implant. In this way, different designs are available. What is more important here is that the patient’s jawbone is analyzed well and the most suitable implant is found by the dentist. Implant Brands and Prices

Implants in Turkey;
rapidly increasing production in the world implants began to be produced in Turkey. Turkey has the implant will produce its own technology and scientific infrastructure. Implants, which were imported until recently in our country, have finally started to be produced in our country as a result of long studies. On the other hand, it produces on behalf of countries that are leaders in implant production (Germany, Israel, United States of America, Italy). It is expected that the prices of high-quality implants, which are 100% domestic production using completely Turkish resources, will decrease with the increase in state support and production. Implant preference in our country is not at a sufficient level because of the high implant prices imported from abroad and the state does not pay back.

Although the success rates of implant brands in the operation are around 10%, some private implant brands produce implants that offer convenience to the patient and the physician thanks to the high budgets they allocate for R&D. While these implants provide advantages to the patient thanks to their fast healing times, they also offer convenience and durability to the dentist with more advanced connection forms to add upper structures.

In general, we can divide implant brands into two. In the first group, we can count companies that are leaders in the sector. These companies are leading companies with high R&D budgets and innovative designs. In the second group; We can say companies that sell the design of dental implants that use relatively old technology without R&D expenditure.


Common Implant Brands in Our Country;
Zimmer Implant
Biotech (CMI) implant
3i dental implants
Human Tech
Xive Implant
MIS-Alfagate implant
Implant Direct
Camlog dental implant