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Implant Tooth Making

Implant Tooth Making

Implant tooth making can be preferred by both young people and older people. The implant process is carried out with a technologically advanced titanium material that provides a durable service life. Implant materials are generally in the form of screws or roots. This process, which is performed for patients to regain teeth, aims to work in harmony with the jawbone, tooth root and new tooth form. You can review the rest of the article to get information about the implant tooth construction process and to find the answer to the question of how long it takes to make implant teeth.

Implant procedure is one of the most preferred procedures by many individuals who have lost teeth due to natural or external reasons. Implant dental procedures are the name given to the process of re-enacting the patient after an artificial tooth root is placed at the required point.

Implant Dental Treatment Process

Getting information about the implant dental treatment process can be helpful in understanding how long the procedure can take. Before the start of the implant dental treatment process, the dentist must examine you. It is important to be aware of the general condition of your jawbone and the areas in your mouth, to prepare the necessary implant materials according to the width of your jawbone. Because while some implant materials are produced thicker (such as 6 mm) in accordance with wide jaw bones, some implant materials are produced thinner (such as 3 mm) in accordance with narrow jaw bones. In order to ensure maximum comfort during the implant treatment process, implant materials should be selected in the most accurate way.

The initiation of implant treatment starts with opening a cavity in the jaw bone large enough for the new tooth root to enter. Slots opened to have the appropriate diameter and length are the main points of the implant process. The sterilization and quality of the materials to be used in both the hollowing process and all other processes are very important. Before the implant surgery begins, local anesthesia is also applied, thus preventing the patient from suffering.

How long does the implant treatment?

How long does the implant treatment? Implant treatment may vary depending on the number of teeth the person needs. While some patients have implant dental treatment for a single tooth, some patients demand this procedure for a few teeth. Therefore, it will be impossible to talk about a single standard time for everyone. However, getting a general information about the duration of the actions to be done can help you to satisfy your curiosity.

About one week is enough to complete the implant treatment of a tooth. Within a week, the first root is placed first. Sometimes, after the artificial root is placed, the root is covered with prosthetic material in order to wait for the body to adapt and rest the root for a while. Then the process of placing the tooth on the root begins. However, sometimes, the dental set can be made immediately without waiting for this process. In this case, temporary prosthesis will not be performed. Generally, the treatment described in the first option is preferred for a more permanent and reliable treatment. The implant treatment time may vary as these stages must be applied to each tooth. Therefore, you can visit our clinic and get information about a certain period of time within the framework of the treatment plan that will be issued specifically for you after being examined.