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Implant Price 2021

Implant Price 2021

Implant Price 2021 : Due to the successful results of the implant, which is in the field of “prosthetic dental surgery” in dentistry, its use is increasing day by day. However, it brings along a laborious and costly process in which more than one variable is effective and that requires systematic control of these variables.

The first place to look at why implants are expensive is titanium, the material from which the implant is made. Due to its properties, titanium is a precious metal that is compatible with the jawbone and is also expensive. Therefore, implant prices will not change much in 2021. Since most of the implants in our country are imported, exchange rates affect their prices.

Titanium does not cause allergies in the human body.
As durable as steel and 75% lighter than the specific gravity of stainless steel
Titanium has a very high mechanical resistance to breaking and bending.
Titanium is a very strong rust. It is more resistant to corrosion than stainless steel.
Titanium is very heat resistant. Melting point: 1650 ° c
Titanium is not affected by many strong chemicals.

Some of the chemicals not affected are:

Nitric acid – chromic acid – acetic acid
Calcium chloride – ammonium chloride
Caustic soda
sea ​​water
Sulfur dioxide etc.

Implant Price 2021 and Dentistry
In short, we can say that the implant is the placement of the titanium material in the form of the root into the jawbone. Titanium implants, which are placed in the place of lost teeth for treatment and do not have any side effects in the organism, complete their healing and are accepted by the bone tissue.

Implants that act like a tooth are called plates, screws and nails made of metal or porcelain. The success rate of implant application, which has increased in recent years, has reached a high rate of 99%.

People who were born toothless before implantation were still toothless when they died. Nowadays, people die with implants in their mouths… the organism does not deny this. You can use it as guaranteed until the end of your life. (See, Implant Dental Treatment)

In patients with advanced age, if the bone level decreases after 10-15 years, the same implant is placed deeper and its use continues. In fact, the introduction of human beings with implants goes back 6 thousand years from our time. We understand from the skulls found in archaeological excavations that when people lost their teeth, they replaced them with stones and animal bones they carved.