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Implant Dental Treatment

Implant Dental Treatment

Implant Dental Treatment is an artificial tooth root made of titanium in the form of screws placed inside the jaw bone.

After the procedure, the implant is attached to the jaw bone in a period of approximately two to three months.

After this stage, the implant, which replaces a real tooth root, becomes ready to carry the prosthesis to be placed on it.

Dental implants have been used since 1965. In the literature, it has been reported that the success has increased to 98% thanks to the advances in technology in the last 20 years.

Loss of teeth, which is part of facial aesthetics, causes psychological and social problems, as well as nutrition, digestive problems and speech disorders.

How is the Implant Made?

In the first stage, the patient is given a comprehensive oral examination.

If the panoramic or necessary tomography taken in our clinic is taken, the location of the implant is determined with the measurement made by taking the tomography image.

In the second stage, local anesthesia is applied by our surgeon and the implant treatment is started.

The implant dental operation may take an average of 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the number of implants.

After the dental implant operation is completed, our doctor informs our patient about the information that should be applied that day and the process is completed with the patient.

After 7 days, we invite the patient for both control and stitches, and a temporary tooth is inserted according to the number of implants made, so that the implants do not remain toothless during the integrated process.

At the last stage, after the implant’s integrated period to the jaw bone is completed, the patient’s implant permanent teeth are worn.

Good cleaning of implants is very important for oral and dental health.

How to clean the implant tooth is transferred to the patient after the procedure by the doctor.

What are the advantages of dental implant treatment?

Good aesthetic appearance
chewing A happy social life with recovery of self-confidence
Due to being able to eat everything, a healthier and balanced diet
Implants give you teeth in the most natural image.

It does not cause any discomfort, such as a bridge or removable dentures.
It is beautiful and solid, just like your natural tooth.
It is a permanent solution due to its long life.
It is possible to obtain the best result in terms of dental aesthetics.
It does not harm neighboring teeth / require intervention during application.
It provides you with psychological comfort and self-confidence with the feeling of trust it gives.
Although it may seem expensive, it does not require repetition and is an economical method in the long term.

How Much Is Implant Tooth Life?

You should apply the most important information about oral and dental health and what you need to do by learning carefully and thoroughly from your dentist, so you can extend the lifetime of prosthetic teeth placed in your mouth with implant treatment to a lifetime.

Caring for the implant application in the mouth is just like the degree of sensitivity it should have in dental care.

You should use the necessary soft toothbrushes to clean the teeth and its surroundings, clean the teeth and the teeth between the teeth, as a last step, to provide hygiene to the places where the brush cannot reach the entire mouth with mouthwashes, and still go to the dentist regularly, to control the life of the implant treatment. are methods that will prolong the excess.

Implant Dental Prices

The main reason for the price difference between implants is due to the support given to R&D studies and case studies.

Of course, implant application can be perceived positively. However, in order for the price of implant treatment to be cheap, your doctor should be able to get the implant material at low cost.

Since the production costs of the best implant systems accepted in the world are not low, it is very natural for your doctor to determine the price according to this cost.

You can learn more about implant prices more clearly after your detailed examinations in our clinic!