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E-max Empress Crowns

E-max Empress Crowns

E-max Empress porcelain crowns are the most aesthetically advanced coatings made of porcelain reinforced porcelain in the substructure or completely reinforced as blocks. Emax Empress crowns  do not have a metal substructure or zirconium substructure as in other coatings.

It is preferred because of its aesthetic superiority compared to alternative coating materials in front group teeth, which are the most important points of smile aesthetics, in single tooth crowns or in short bridge applications where there are one or two missing teeth rarely, and teeth with too much material loss that cannot be laminated.

Advantages of Emax Empres Porcelains
Since their light transmittance is very good, they provide the closest view to natural teeth.
It does not cause gray or purple discoloration at the gum level.
It requires less abrasion on the existing tooth compared to zirconium or metal-based coatings.
No allergic reaction is observed.
It provides sensitivity comfort due to its low hot-cold conductivity.
How to Make E-max Crowns ?
First of all, the measurement of the teeth is taken and a special smile design is made for the patient.

With mock up designs and smile design method, the approximate appearance after the treatment is shown to the patient in advance. Thus, the treatment is started with a smile design approved by considering the patient’s expectation and opinion.

Approximately 2 mm of teeth are abraded under local anesthesia and the measurement is taken and sent to the laboratory. In the same session, temporary teeth are prepared and glued to the patient.

During the Emax Empress coating process, the patient can easily continue his social and business life.

Emax porcelains received from the laboratory are permanently bonded in the 2nd or 3rd session according to the patient’s taste.

Generally, treatment is completed within 1 week.

What is the difference between Emax and zirconium?
Both of them are specially reinforced porcelains without metal substructure. Provides perfect aesthetics and gingiva harmony. Due to its light transmittance and resemblance to natural teeth, it is frequently applied in the anterior regions and in patients with high aesthetic expectations. While emax empress porcelain tooth coating is generally recommended for the anterior regions, zirconium tooth coating treatment is recommended in cases where high resistance and aesthetics are required in the posterior regions.

Emax Dental Crown Prices
Emax tooth is a tooth crown treatment preferred by artists especially in recent years. Aesthetic appearance is at the forefront in Emax tooth coating method. It is usually applied to teeth that are both visually and unhealthy. However, it does not harm the tooth. It is performed by covering the tooth with a sensitive porcelain. Their prices vary according to the physician and the material to be used. Teeth that need to be treated before Emax coating are treated and porcelain is coated after they become healthy teeth. Therefore, it is not possible to give a price on this subject. The treatment to be applied and which coating will be applied is a decision to be made by negotiating between the patient and the dentist.