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Implant In Full Toothless Patients

Implant In Full Toothless Patients;

Implant applications in fully edentulous patients, the treatment process after the patient’s x-ray or tomography is determined.
In complete edentulous patients, it is possible to achieve real dental chewing comfort with implant dental treatment. We apply implant brands preferred by the patient in dental implant applications.

Implant Brands and Prices are among the topics that patients who will have implants wonder and research before starting treatment.

What to Consider When Researching Implant Brands

  • First of all, you can choose your reference brands by getting information from patients who have previously received implant treatment,
  • The brands you reference are suitable for your budget,
  • Patented and highly known,
  • Has a lifetime warranty,
  • Be suitable for application by the physician who will perform the application,
  • The warranty certificate must be present.

Although there are hundreds of implant brands today , you can find the best preferred implant brands in the rest of our article.

Brands We Use

Swedish Brand Implant  :  Nobel Biocare 
Swiss Brand Implant  :  ITI 
America Brand Implant  : Biomet3i
Swedish Brand Implant:  Astra Tech
Korean Brand Implant  :  Osstem
How long does the treatment take?
After x-ray, our specialist doctor examines your jaw structure and we plan your treatment accordingly. If your jaw bone is suitable for implant treatment, your Implant application is performed in 1 Day and temporary prostheses are applied to the implants. Since the implants adapt to your jaw bone within a period of 1-3 months, the coatings are applied after they are adapted.
Our patients prefer Zirconium Coating , which is the closest to the true tooth color in coating .
Implant Prices in Full Toothless Patients
If your jaw bone is suitable for implant treatment, prices vary according to the implant brand you choose. Therefore , you can get information from us on WhatsApp .
Implants in edentulous patients in Turkey
find services for dental implants in Turkey should be easy for you. At Medikal Dent, we are always at your disposal. Always consult a dentist to make dental implants in Turkey and then to remember that you can change your mind. Feel free to follow your beliefs about dental implants and don’t let experts choose a solution you don’t want. You can at least have a second opinion.
However, if you support the latest trend of dental tourism, the process is only a few steps longer. The optimum individual treatment plan you made with dental implants in Turkey, will be ready only after sending us all the details and a panoramic 3D scanning film or related. The placement of dental implants to organize your trip to Turkey and the country’s capital until the end we will endeavor to stay in Istanbul. Do not hesitate that you will get the best conditions for a pleasant flight and accommodation!
For Appointment and Information , you can create an appointment with us via WhatsApp, Phone, live support via our site.