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Dental Tourism Agency

Dental Tourism Agency

Dental Tourism Agency : If you are considering holiday and health services at affordable prices, you should definitely check out our special offers.

There are certain risks of doing health tourism in a foreign country. You can eliminate the risks you will encounter in a foreign country by reaching companies like us, which are engaged in professional health tourism.
As a health tourism agency, we plan our patients to complete their health, comfort and holiday in the best way possible.

Today, lower cost doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. Our offices are modern and sparkling clean and feature state of the art equipment. Lower prices are offered abroad for a number of reasons, including lower education expenses, insurance rates, overhead costs, labour costs, and government interventions. Two major reasons for the rise in dental tourism are the higher demand for elective dental care (i.e. crowns and veneers, and implants-our specialties) and the growing number of travel agents and websites available to connect tourists to reputable dentists.

Why Travel All the Way to Turkey for Dental Treatment?

We mainly offer unbeatable treatment plans to patients located in Western Europe, US, and Australia, where even the smallest dental procedure could rack up a fortune. In Turkey, operational costs for running dental clinics are much lower. Therefore, our patients can benefit from the highest quality European medical treatment without the eye-watering costs attached.
We will help keep the overall costs of procedures as low as possible. You can save thousands of dollars, pounds or Euros at one of our clinics, even with travel costs combined. Our rates are particularly advantageous to patients seeking cosmetic dental treatments that may require premium-grade dental products. The same procedures could cost tens of thousands elsewhere in Europe or North America.
What’s more, you can also enjoy a great holiday while undergoing treatment. Dental procedures, understandably, are worrisome to most patients. However, you’ll be able to keep the anxiety away while vacationing in Turkey. Dental Tourism Agency

  • Dental implants in Turkey, Our dental treatment, together with the use of the very best and latest dental technology, and first-rate implant systems, is up to 80% cheaper in cost to our patients. We also offer 16 different types of internationally made implants, the most that any clinic or dental hospital can offer.
  • We provide a free dental consultation and treatment plan for our patients, including free Volumetric Tomography and X-Ray facilities.
  • All your treatment costs are assessed in our free dental implant plan, no further costs will be expected from you.
  • Our patients experience very short waiting times for appointments.
  • We have the latest hygienic and sterilizing treatment technology.
  • ‘Our Dental Clinic’ has been approved and certificated by Turkey’s, ‘Provincial Health Directorate for Health Tourism’.
  • We offer you peace of mind, together with lifetime legal guarantees during your treatment. We are always there for you and will support you, even after your treatment has been completed. You will remain our valuable patient and we will always be there for you for your dental health, and will continue to provide a free check up and examination facilities on every visit you make to Antalya.
  • It is of great happiness to our team that we speak the same language as you. We will be with you when you arrive at our clinic, when you have your free consultation and receive your treatment plan, and when you undergo your treatment. It is our aim to take care of you, and ensure that your treatment is carried out in a harmonious, friendly and professional environment.

Receiving Your Dental Treatment in Turkey

You can consult with our patient coordinators or one of our dentists to learn how long your dental treatment will take, in order for you to make vacation plans in advance. Most treatments take 5 days which includes 3 appointments at the clinic.  Some patients prefer to stay longer to benefit from post-treatment care. You can decide how long you want to stay with advice from your dentist.Dental Tourism Agency
Once you arrive in Turkey, you will be transferred to your holiday accommodation. You can sleep off the jet lag and come in for a consultation afterwards. Once the preliminary consultation is complete, your dentist will proceed with your treatment right away. Uncomplicated treatments like professional tooth whitening can be completed on the same day. Cosmetic Procedures like Dental Crowns or Dental Veneers take 5 days. If you require surgical treatments, such as implants, you will need to visit Turkey twice or thrice depending on your condition.
We assure you that your stay in Turkey will be free of unwanted hassle regarding the treatment. You can enjoy your holiday while our expert team of dentists, specialists, and support personnel take care of your medical needs.

What to Do in Turkey

Turkey is located in the southernmost part of the European continent where Western Asia meets Eastern Europe. Turkey has a vibrant and diverse culture thanks to its rich history and strategic location on trade routes between Asia and Europe. There are plenty of places to explore in Turkey for interested travellers. There are magnificent historical sites, popular beaches, mouth-watering local cuisine and plenty of shopping areas where you could pick up souvenirs. Turkish people are also very welcoming and friendly. You can enjoy a grand time in Turkey by planning your stay in advance.
Turkey is perfectly safe to travel around in with small children. Family holidaying is common in the country and most locals also frequent various attractions with their families. You can enjoy Turkey regardless of your age. There are plenty of places to visit for solo travellers, elderly vacationers, and couples.