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Seamless Implant

Seamless Implant

Is a Seamless Implant Possible? Can it be applied to every patient?
One of the latest innovations in implant surgery is the “seamless implant” application procedure called “Flapless Surgery”. The success of this technique has been supported by many years of clinical studies and has become a method that can be applied safely to suitable patients. In this technique, unlike conventional implant applications, there is no need for any incision and therefore stitching in the gingiva.

What are the Advantages of Seamless Implant Application?
Bleeding is minimal, so it is ideal for patients using blood thinners.
The processing time is very short.
There is no need for stitches afterwards.
Since the gingiva is not opened in this procedure (flap), crestal bone loss and associated soft tissue inflammation is less than classical surgery.
Swelling due to edema is almost never observed.
There is almost no pain during and after the procedure.

Is a Seamless Implant Suitable for Every Patient?

It would not be correct to say that this technique can be applied routinely in every patient. Although the studies conducted support the advantages of the technique, the important thing here is that the right patient is selected and the appropriate surgical technique will be performed by experienced physicians in clinics with the necessary equipment.

In order for the technique to be applied safely, it is very important that the bone where the implant will be placed is of sufficient width. For this reason, do not forget that your jawbone must be supported with 3D imaging and tomography before such a surgery.


Why and When is Seamless Implant a Preferred Method?
Seamless implant treatment is a treatment method that doctors perform without cutting the gums of the patient. The technique used in this method is closed technique.

It is called seamless implant because the gingiva is not cut. Among the reasons for dentists to prefer seamless implant treatment is the high risk of infection. Since the gums do not open during treatment, the risk of infection is reduced. In addition, excessive smoking is one of the reasons why the treatment is performed without any stitches.

However, for the application of seamless implant treatment, the bone structure of the people should not be smooth and thin. Seamless implants cannot be applied to people who have such a bone structure. Before the treatment, dentists examine the bone structures of the people and apply the treatment when appropriate.

What Is Done During the Seamless Implant Application Process?
Seamless implant application is an application that is frequently preferred in dental treatments and aesthetic procedures. In this process, it should be determined that the individual who wants to receive treatment meets the necessary conditions (factors such as age, approval of the procedure by the dentist, diseases of the individual). It is then necessary to numb the jaw, but to make sure that the individual is still awake. It is ensured that the teeth with the appropriate color tone with the individual’s own teeth are placed on the implant tooth root, which is compatible with the jaw and placed according to the screwing method. After these processes, the application phase is completed. However, the patient should not immediately eat solid foods and he should pay attention to the warnings of the doctor.

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