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Istanbul Smile Design

Istanbul Smile Design

Istanbul Smile Design ; Today, dental aesthetics as well as oral health is one of the most popular reasons to visit medical clinics. A successful composition of lips, gums and teeth will allow you to have a more aesthetic smile. Smile design aesthetic procedures, especially tried by famous individuals, help many individuals show extra courage in this regard. Smile design is a process that requires lighter procedures than other dental procedures. This process, which is carried out for aesthetic purposes, can gain extra comfort in eating, drinking and speaking, especially after changes in the hard tissue.

What is Istanbul Smile Design?

Smile design is a procedure that emerges as a product of two different aesthetic processes called white aesthetics and pink aesthetics. White aesthetics are generally all procedures performed in the area of teeth in the mouth and applied under anesthesia. This process may include various procedures such as equalizing the lengths of the teeth, bringing the teeth with excessive protrusion to an even appearance.

Another type of procedure performed within the smile design is pink aesthetics. Pink aesthetics are all aesthetic procedures performed in the area covered by the gums in the mouth.

Before the smile design process is carried out, some processes about how the ideal image should be are done through photo editing programs. Thus, it is decided what kind of image should be formed. Bringing the gum, tooth and lips to the desired level is performed after this procedure.

Of course, what is ideal in terms of aesthetics may not be ideal in terms of medicine. In order to understand whether the virtual aesthetic smile model is suitable for your jaw and lip structure, a radiography procedure is performed. In this process, the condition of the gum and bone levels in relation to each other is examined. Within the scope of this situation, it is determined how the transaction can be performed. It is also necessary to decide which teeth need to change in accordance with this design.

After such detailed analysis and digital smile design procedures, the general treatment plan is drawn in detail and aesthetic surgery procedure, especially gum aesthetics, is started.

Does Smile Design Process Necessarily Require Cutting Teeth?

The white aesthetic phase of the smile design process causes many patients to worry. Patients who have negative experiences about tooth cutting can avoid smile design in order not to experience any pain or problems in this sense. In smile design process, operations such as cutting teeth are used as a last resort. Processes such as bonding and contouring, which are softer processes, are often preferred because they help the tooth to have an aesthetic appearance without cutting.


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