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Dental Treatment with Sedation ; We can state that sedation treatment, which is also known as dental treatment by fainting, has attracted more attention recently. For this reason, the number of people doing research on dental treatment with sedation method has started to increase. We can state that this method is a much more ideal option especially for those who have psychological problems related to dental treatment and those who constantly postpone their dental treatment due to fear.

Can the Patient Talk in Dental Treatment with Sedation?
Since the patient is conscious during this procedure, he can communicate with his doctor throughout the treatment. At the same time, the pulse and blood pressure of the patient are instantly checked with the help of a device during the treatment period. Due to the medication used in this method, the patient often does not remember the procedures performed in the mouth as part of the treatment. Because those who have dental treatment with sedation may not even remember the sounds made during the treatment. For this reason, the treatment applied does not cause a traumatic situation for the patient, and the patient does not have difficulty in the next treatments because the patient does not have any fear of going to the doctor.

Especially tooth extraction can be a traumatic situation for many people. The number of patients who approach the dentist like a phobia due to various problems they have experienced before is quite high! It should be noted that sedation method is a great option in such cases. Because dental treatment and tooth extraction are health conditions that should not be disrupted, and disruption of treatment due to fear or anxiety may invite more serious health problems. However, when the sedation method is activated, we observe that the patient can be treated more comfortably and the treatment process is completed much more comfortably for the patient.

How is Sedation Done?
At this point, the curious element is the question of how to do sedation. In this procedure performed by a general anesthesiologist, some medications are used and with the help of the drugs used, the patient is ensured to be in a deep sleep. The sedation method should not be confused with general anesthesia. Because in the sedation method, the consciousness of the patient is clear. In general anesthesia, the patient is unconscious.

Dental Treatment with General Anesthesia
Especially sedation is a preferred method at the point of tooth extraction. The advantages of this method can be easily used in the multi-tooth extraction area. Thanks to this method, which increases the pain threshold during all kinds of dental treatments, it is not possible for the patient to feel any pain, pain or ache during the procedure.

We can state that the method is an attractive option not only for the patients but also for the doctors. Because, thanks to this procedure, the patient’s fear-induced reflexes disappear and the doctor can perform the treatment much more comfortably.

Sedation Prices
Another wonder is the prices of sedation tooth extraction. However, it would be misleading to tell you a clear figure at the price point. Because many different factors such as where you have this treatment, the experience of the doctor, the amount of medication used by the anesthesiologist and the dental treatment to be made determine the price.

Can All Kinds Of Dental Treatment Be Done With Sedation?
All kinds of interventions can be performed in dental treatment with sedation. We can state that it is more attractive than other options, especially for long-lasting demanding dental treatments. You can use it in the direction of dental treatment with sedation, not only for those who are afraid of dental treatments, but also for long-lasting dental treatments.

Differences Between General Anesthesia and Sedation
We can list the differences between sedation and general anesthesia as follows;

The patient is conscious in sedation, while in general anesthesia, the patient is completely unconscious.
While the patient is under the influence of sedation, he may react to stimulation, but under general anesthesia the patient is completely unresponsive.
In sedation, the patient can breathe on his own, but in general anesthesia, the patient is dependent on respirators.
In sedation, the patient may recover shortly after the procedure, while in general anesthesia, the patient may take much longer to recover.

At Which Age Children Can Sedation Be Applied?
It is very important for children to be treated as soon as dental caries are detected. Because decayed teeth affect not only oral and dental health, but also sleep patterns, mental state and general health.

But the fear of ‘dentist’ seen in children makes it difficult to treat them in the dental chair.

This problem is overcome by the sedation method used.

Sedation is not a state of deep sleep like general anesthesia. The sedated patient can respond to external warnings and commands. Communication can be established according to the sedation level. But in both general anesthesia and sedation, anesthesia is required to lie down.

There are many methods that can be administered as sedation, injection, pill, suppository, or as a gas.

This method can be applied to children between the ages of 2-9. If children in this age range have a serious illness, the decision is made by the expert’s assessment.


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