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Dental Treatment Guarantee

Dental Treatment Guarantee

Dental Treatment Guarantee : It is covered by a Lifetime guarantee for implant treatments, and 5 years for metal-supported porcelain, zirconium, removable prosthesis, inlay, and impres lamina treatments.

Many patients who prefer to have their dental treatment done abroad often ignore the guarantee of the treatments. Likewise, many outpatient clinics refrain from showing the terms and conditions of the warranty they offer. Globally, it is not a legal requirement for a dental clinic to warrant their treatment. However, one of the most important points you should ask before having your treatments is the warranty coverage of the treatments.

Lifetime Warranty

The implants used in our outpatient clinic are guaranteed for life against breakage and falling. The special implants we use have a success rate of 98% and above.

5 Years Warranty

Zirconium, E-Max and metal supported porcelain veneers are guaranteed for 5 years against breakage, cracking and falling. It will pay a one-time repair fee of €100 for simple restorations and applications that can be resolved in your own country. (Valid for patients who have had 6 or more coatings.)

2 Year Warranty

Laminated applications are under warranty for 2 years against breakage, cracking and falling. For simple restorations and applications that can be solved in your own country, will pay a one-time repair fee of 100 €. (It is valid for patients who have 6 or more coatings.) (It is valid for patients who have 6 or more coatings.)

Conditions of Impairment of Warranty Coverage

If oral hygiene is neglected
If a control examination is not made at least once a year
If the dentist’s post-treatment instructions are not followed
If obligations related to treatment payments are not fulfilled
If an external treatment is applied to the same tooth in another clinic after the treatment
If the patient’s gum tissue or bone is lost or deteriorated
If the patient is doing contact sports or activities that may cause dental health problems or injury
If you experience dental problems due to smoking
The patient can wear a diamond, etc., temporarily or permanently. if foreign substance application is made
Use of drugs or herbal supplements that may harm the tooth, other than those reported by the dentist for treatment
Accidents, fights, etc. in case of damage by an outside intervention
If the patient has a disease and / or treatment that may have adverse effects on the teeth, gums, jawbone (diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, pregnancy, excessive X-rays, mental disorders or chemotherapy, etc.).
In cases where the color, shape and size of the teeth and dentures are made inappropriately by the patient’s preference
If there is an increase or loss in the patient’s weight at a level that will disrupt the metabolic order
If the protective plate is planned but not used at the recommended level and manner


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