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Best Implant Brand

Best Implant Brand

Best Implant Brand ; As you can imagine in the production of implants whose use is increasingly common, competition for the best implant is quite high. The number of known implant brands today is around 600. Again, these implant brands use nearly 100 different designs in their production. Although it is confusing that there are so many brands and different designs in the growing implant industry, they all serve the same purpose, so their differences from each other are in their designs and surface roughening technologies. (See Implant Brands)

The surface of the implant should be made by etching and acidification with aluminum oxide. All companies, from the largest to the smallest, meet this standard.

The bone harmony of the surface coatings applied on it has a secondary effect on the healing period or its use based on long years.

This confusion in the brand prices of implants is mostly related to product safety, sterilization and brand awareness. Since the implants in our country come from outside to a large extent, changes in exchange rates are reflected in prices.

The issue that should not be forgotten is that in the 1960s, branemark surface unprocessed titanium placed titanium into rabbit bone and again integrated with the bone. The main achievement lies in the bilateral integration of titanium and bone. (See, Does Implant Brand Matter?)

Implant treatment, whose importance is increasing day by day in dentistry, helps patients with tooth deficiency regain their self-confidence. Together with our lost teeth for various reasons, loss of function and regaining your smile becomes possible with implant treatment.

Dental implants are mostly used to produce permanent and natural solutions for problematic and incompatible prostheses instead of missing teeth. Implant treatment has an important place in dentistry in order to be able to consume the foods you hesitate to eat with total prostheses and bridged teeth as if you have natural teeth, and to achieve a more natural, functional and healthy mouth structure.

Today, the developing implant technology has increased its production quality and variety. Implant manufacturers, who also benefit from information technologies, can make personally sensitive implant treatment planning with the help of three-dimensional programs. Titanium implants, which are highly compatible with the jawbone, have become safer with the development of surface roughening technologies.

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